DataMovil is a software platform for the deployment and development of applications for PDAs with wireless communications. It can be used for all kinds of mobile applications like sale force automation, data capture, field service or others. It is composed of an Universal Smart Client based on the Xforms Recommendation of the W3C, a server part and a development tool.

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DataMovil is a tool completely based on open technologies like XML, http, and others. This fact greatly simplifies the integration tasks with server-side existing systems, which makes it a perfect choice for mobilizing enterprise applications.

It is already recognized that Internet browsers are a cumbersome solution for small mobile devices. In fact, browser based solutions are currently rapidly abandoned in favor of client/server solutions when the development of a new mobile application is considered. With DataMovil the developers and the operation and maintenance personnel have all the advantages of browser based applications and the richness and ease of use of client/server applications. The Universal Smart Client means a step ahead in the current user interface technology and the Xforms adoption the perfect fit for it.

With DataMovil the user will experience fast and easy data entry and retrieval. The optimizations performed in terms of access to the networks greatly increase the usability perception, the ability to work without network connection, to store data locally, to retrieve local or remote data, the automatic data synchronization and many more features make DataMovil the most suitable tool for mobile applications.

All sectors can take advantage of mobilizing applications: industry, health sciences, telcos, utilities, government have needs to improve the productivity of their mobile task force for applications such as mobile sales force, field data capture, technical service, inspections and many others. For all these applications, DataMovil is the platform of choice.

DataMovil is currently available for several platforms: high-end telephone terminals (link a la página de MIDP Edition), Windows Mobile PDAs (link a la página de PDA Edition) and other mobile terminals like the new UMPC, TabletPC or laptops (link a la página de PDA Edition).

The DataMovil platform is composed by the components:

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